The seed of creation is the tongue. It is what we say that is programmed for us to see. You don’t have to mind the present situation. It is what you want to see that matters.

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God never mind the present state before creation but He was conscious of the creation in existence and the only weapon He engaged was the Tongue. He spoke out the creation into existence.

So we can engage this weapon of the tongue in any area of our life. Many people are scare or discourage because they seem not to know how it going to be accomplished, so they were trapped in the den of not saying anything rather saying the negative fact in proportion to their present situation.  

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Note that there is no cost in just saying what you want to see, you will only pay the price dearly for the negative utterance that come out of the mouth.  Just speak the right word of what you what to see. If it doesn’t happen immediately, keep speaking it.

You don’t plant a seed and harvest it immediately. In as much that the harvest period for all plant are not the same, some a month, some three months, some a year, some two even some can only be harvested at five years after planting. So, you cannot say because you don’t get your harvest immediately, you will stop watering the harvest will never come to pass leaving you frustrated.

Conclusion: Speaking the right word to that situation is like watering your seeds in order to see your harvest accomplished. Therefore, you need consistent speaking of the right word to that situation for you to see your desire come to reality. Keep Speaking, again I say Keep speaking. Never STOP Speaking.

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is Lord!!!


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