Hope is the expectation of something. Faith is believing that the expectation will come to reality. Faith and hope must be in place for your desire to be accomplished. Your hope without faith equals nothing.

Image Source: Find the Shepherd

Faith is a driving force that keeps your hope in place. Anytime we pray for a particular situation believing, our next step is expecting the reality of the answer to such prayer. Never doubt the reality of the answer to your prayer, doubt is the killer of faith.

It is trying to weigh the capacity of God in answering your prayer. When doubt creeps into our heart fear automatically takes position leaving God to step aside from the matter.

Image Source: The Resilent Worker

The reason people doubt is because they are looking at that problem in their own capacity to be answered not God capacity to answer them. King Saul in the bible looked at Goliath in his own capacity to conquer so he chickened out, but young David look at the killing of Goliath not by his capacity but God capacity to conquer. King Saul doubted God and was afraid but David had faith in the capacity of God and was victorious.

Conclusion: Whatever the situation you are going through, once you have prayed, the next step is to believe your prayer is answered and the final step is your expectation of the answer to your prayer. What you cannot see, you cannot receive.

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