There is certain habit that makes a devil out a man. These could be enjoyed for a while but the end result is great destruction. When you engage in these habits listed below then you are on your highway to total destruction.


Image Source: Time Magazine

This is insincerity, falsehood and deceitfulness of the heart. An important aspect of it is lying. Lying destroys people trust in you and damages your personality.


Image Source: Discipline Devotions

This is the utterance of false charges against someone with the intention of damaging the person or image. Slandering will cause you to loose respect and dignity among people


Image Source: SowetanLIVE

This is presenting a lie as the truth and persuading others to believe the lie as the truth. Deceit is poisonous and can shorten one’s life span.


Image Source: Insider

This is the act of robbery. It is intentionally taking what does not belong to you and depriving others of it. You gain nothing by cheating rather you lose all when it is found out


Image Source: Discover Magazine

This filters into the mind through what we see and hear. In lust the mind complete the process even before the actual act. It has a temporary effect of pleasure but permanent destruction to the soul or could lead to death.


Image Source: Pinterst

This is over estimation of self. It displays a lack of respect to others. Note that pride is an abomination before God and destroyer of men.


Image Source: Pinterest

It is an unlawful desire or craves for that which is for another. It manifest as greed, gluttony and selfishness.

Conclusion: Therefore, we must evaluate ourselves and discover which habit could be traceable to us for immediate adjustment.

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Jesus Is Lord!!!


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