Success is not a possession. The misunderstanding of success is you trying to be somebody else. Happiness does not amount to success. Success don’t just happen, it is made to happen.

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What then is success? It is having a favorable outcome, to have things done out of plan. It is to have a continuous achievement of set goals. Success and failure is achieved daily. When your set goal for a day is met then you succeeded for that day but if not completed then you failed for that day.

The continuous achievement of your daily goals is what set you on a path of a successful life and also a continuous non-achievement of your daily goals is what equally set you on a path of failure.

Success is generally measured by most people in terms of quality and quantity material things in which one possess. This is not so, to be successful is having all round success; physically, mentally, financially and most important spiritually.

Your stand spiritually is what perfected the success of the others. A billionaire having multiple of companies in all over the continent without a good stand with God could be demonized within a second and could lose all he or she has acquired.

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There is great difference between a success and good success. A success is just an achievement in a particular area or aspect of life while lacking in other aspects but good success is achievement in all areas or aspects of life. You might say; that is not possible, nobody is perfect and so on. A good success can be achieved through applied principles of good success.

Conclusion: This is the basic formula for good success: Study plus Declaration plus Meditation plus Commitment plus Obedience, I call it Joshua Success Formula. Friends, I will like you to always meditate on this scripture of Joshua Chapter One verse Eight (Joshua 1:8) for a life of good success.

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  1. In agreement. In Chapter 11 of my book “This Is Your Quest” I discuss this concept of success and found that Earl Nightingale came up with a very good definition of success: “”Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or idea.” It means that any person regularly engaged in achieving something which he/she considers worthy is successful.


  2. I like your blog. There is a lot of substance and depths in your writing. Keep up the good work! Would be interested to get some feedback from you on my book and in particular which section(s) of the book most resonates with you?!… Check it out!

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