Any decision taken out of anger can never be right. Why, because you only see through a side of the coin, you never consider the other part.

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A mother at my place of work was angry at a nurse who will immunize her baby because she wasn’t given preferential treatment. Meanwhile, the nurse wasn’t aware of any patient been angry at her; she was busy on her duty immunizing the required next patient. The angry mother was incubating her anger continuously waiting for a preferential treatment but nobody was aware about that. She was foaming to an extent that she wanted to work out and deprived the baby from been immunized.

Now, the question is; what will her anger cause to the nurse? Obviously nothing, what about the baby? Yes, an innocent baby that knows nothing will be deprived because of the action of the mother. That will be a pity on the baby, taking the punishment from the mother’s angry decision.

Again, another question is, what will the anger do to the mother? It will cause a serious damage to the spirit, body and soul. Anger has no advantage but disadvantage on the nature of human. Anger only binds the person to his or herself.

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Been angry is you enslaving yourself. It’s like you chaining yourself to the wall and forcing yourself to move. You will never progress when nurturing anger in your heart. No matter how someone offended you, the best way to be free is to let go of the feeling of been anger and not trying to vent your anger.

Conclusion: Sometime, decision taken when angry might not affect you immediately but could affect someone else instantly who knows nothing at the onset. Let us always try to checkmate our anger in any situation.

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