When you are in love with someone, you don’t see obstacle all you see is possibility and love. Until you accept defeat, you can never be defeated. So many people are defeated even before they are defeated.

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Love is unconditional; it is not dependent on something but itself. Once you love because of something, then that is not love because when that thing is no longer there that marks the end of the love.

Love is stronger than death, when you truly love you can go to any length just to see the reality of that love. Until you have something you can die for then your purpose in life is yet to be discovered.

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True love can survive the test of time, it is endurable. The reason most people give up on love or relationship is because the strength of their love is not or never enough.

True love never fails. Everybody want a rosy relationship all the time, yes that is good and possible, but until a gold is passed through a furnace of fire you can never know it worth.

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A storm in any relationship is never to collapse it, but to strengthen and to sweeten the impact of the love through a durable bond among the partner.

Conclusion: Never let your best way to value something to be by losing it. Value every bit of any relationship with sincerity because there are two sides to every relationship outcome. A negative outcome teaches you a lesson while the positive outcome brings you blessing.

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  1. Insightful! A lot of people realize the value of what they have once they lose it?! I agree that there are two sides of a relationship and you have to value both sides. You can’t have the day without the night the two works together.


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