The worst way to value a thing is to lose it but the best way to value a thing is to appreciate it. Every decision you make is as a result of who you are.

Just as an orange can never produce a lemon juice, therefore, then you cannot give what you don’t have. Never get sad at yourself because you feel people don’t want you.

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I want you to know that expensive things are patronized by few people so know that your worth isn’t meant for everybody because you are a star because that is what God said about you in the book of ( 1 Peter 2:9).

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God is too faithful to lie. When He promise He Process then He Provide. That you don’t believe God doesn’t make Him a liar, it is you that doesn’t believe Him that is a Liar.

Always let go of people negative report about you and stand on the truth of God about you. There is a big difference between a Fact and a Truth. Fact is what people say about you but the Truth is what God says about you. I call Fact a False Act and Truth a Trusted Root.

Conclusion: Whose report do you believe? It is very clear that the report to believe is the tested and trusted truth of God. All you need to do to start working in the truth about yourself is having a renewal of your mind on the truth of what God said about you.

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is Lord!!!

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