There is no way you are going to escape trials or difficulties in life, no matter how you try to pray more. It is written MANY (not few) are the afflictions of THE RIGHTEOUS (not sinners), but the Good News is; the Lord will Deliver us out of Them ALL (Psalm 34:19).

Image Source: Men’s Ministry

The secret of surviving Tough times is your response to them! The problem is not the problem; the problem is your reaction to the problem. You can either allow it to become a problem indeed or it becomes an opportunity when you see it as a Challenge.

Even though you may not be happy with the Circumstance you find Yourself Now, you can make a Decision that you will be Joyful even in the Fire.

Image Source: Medium

Happiness is Circumstantially Driven, it depends on what Happens. But Joy is not related to Circumstances. It is a Decision! You can’t expect to prevent negative feelings altogether and you can’t expect to experience positive feelings all the time. But we can acknowledge our Feelings and also to refuse to get Stuck in the Negatives.

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is Lord!!!


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