A leader is the heart speaker on the heart of others. Leading is constantly on the move to move others. A Boss says “Go” a Leader says “Let’s Go”. Leadership starts with the leader personal success and end with the team success.

A leader was once a follower. It is the degree of your followership that determines the success you will have as leader. A follower is also known as a steward. Stewardship is slavery to master. It is followership with absolute loyalty.

If you are not ready to serve, you are not qualified to be served. Age is not a determining factor to qualify you as a leader. I always put people in doubt when i tell my age; they say you are an old man in a young body. You can be in your 20’s and act like you are in your 40’s, the age of Methuselah has anything to do with the Wisdom of Solomon. Life is guarded by laws and when abide in it, it brings out the star in you. These are essential laws for leadership with biblical reference to boost you;

The Law of Compassion (Jude 1:22)

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Followers don’t want to know how much you know but how much you care.

Law of Assessment (Matthew 16:13)

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Those who don’t want to be assessed will leave to permanent recess. If you are too big to be counsel then be ready to be cancel

Law of Substitution and Reward (Act 13:22)

Only fit and proper person should be filled in the team. Replacement is necessary for achievement. Every man should be rewarded according to their contribution, never reward people equally but according to their contribution

Law of The Seal (Matthew 17:9)

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What is classified must not be advertised. What is kept closed must not be opened. As a leader learn to talk less and do more.

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is lord!!!


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