There are no bread and butter Christianity. Been in Christ requires sacrifice of; your time, emotion, will and resources. Life is a business; therefore until you have a business-like mentality of the reason to serve God, you will never make the most of your life. You will only live to Survive and not to make an Impact.

Image Source: Transcend Leadership

We are always carried away by the pleasure of the world especially when it comes to we youth of today. If every day was to be a party, we are going to see a lot of star in the youth. The reasoning am emphasizing on the youth is because what we do today will determine what we will reap and become tomorrow.

Success is never accidental but deliberate. The future you fail to create today is the one that will surprise you tomorrow. You may want to ask; is it not good to have fun and get pleasure?, well my answer is as good as yours. But there is time for everything in life (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Image Source: The Guardian Nigeria

The youth stage is basically the time to bear your yolk not to have fun. God did not say i will have fun in my youth but i will bear my yolk at my youth, that is, i will take responsibility at my youth stage with a business-like mentality.

The reason we kept recording a lot of evil happenings among our youth is because of the increasingly pleasure demanding attitude of youth instead of purpose demanding attitude.

Image Source: wiseGeek

You see a young boy or girl at the early 20’s going into mischievous act to get wealth so as to live a pleasure full life but there end is always pitiable: untimely death is the end mostly. Those who try God will live in trials but those who trust God lives in triumph.

It is better to be slow and be sure than to be fast and fall.  Friends, never be envious of any unbeliever living a flamboyant lifestyle now. David said “I was envious at the foolish, when i saw the prosperity of the wicked. Until I went into the Sanctuary of God; then i understood there end. (Proverb 73: 3, 17).

Conclusion: Never get intimidated by the lust of this world. Your seed of greatness is in you, protect it. Never allow the devil to steal your destiny from you. The name of love is God. God is love and love never fail. Your success is ever sure.

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is Lord!!!


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