When it comes to our health, we must always be very careful and deliberate on how we monitor and keep our self well. One of the major factor that determines how healthy we are going to be is the kind of things we consume into our body system.

The time we also spend in resting also determines our state of health. Also, there are some food we can take pertaining to time, some food that are unhealthy to take in the morning could be better in the afternoon or perfect at night. The following food listed below are food we must not take before going to bed:

Red Meat

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These are meat gotten from beef, veal, pock, lamb, mutton, goat, horse which are high in protein. Protein takes long to digest in the body which will have your body working on digestion while you are sleeping which will in turn keep you from getting a comfortable sleep.

Tomato Sauce

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We don’t want to hear this but tomato sauce is a meal which is to be avoided at night because of its high acidic content. It is mostly the reasoning for heart burn in the morning and indigestion. But if this meal is something you prefer to take, then you should take it at least 3 hours before going to bed. Because food like this causes heart burn and help to increase the body temperature during sleep making you restless and resulting to having nightmare.

Dark Chocolate

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Yes! This is ladies bad habit. When it comes to eating all kind of chocolate, ladies can sell their birth right for that. But dark chocolate specifically contains high content of caffeine and amino acids which makes you alert and active. So eating this before going to bed at night will makes you restless. It is better to be taken in the afternoon than during the night hour.


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This is similar to the effect of dark chocolate because of the level of caffeine it also contains.


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This is a general abuse for both genders. Though we feel the sleepy effect of alcohol will make it a good sleeping substance to the body. But the truth is, alcohol is very disruptive for your sleep cycle and has a negative effect on your later Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Stage while sleeping

Orange Juice

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This is not a good drink to be taken before bed time. Why? It is very acidic and it contains excessive sugar. The acidic content prevents comfort in sleeping as earlier mentioned in the case of Tomato Source while sugar intake before bedtime makes sleeping more difficult.


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You may be surprise about this. Yes water intake is very good for the body but there must be a limit to it at night. Too much of water intake at night will lead to restlessness due to the conversion of the excessive water in the body system into urine. Therefore, less water should be taken before bed time.

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