There is a difference between a Fact and Truth. A Fact is the present description of a thing or situation while the Truth is what is the intend purpose of that thing of situation.

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When you fix your eye on the fact, you will be trapped from seeing the reality of the truth. That you see an apple seed doesn’t make it a seed but; a seed with a tree having a fruit and the continuous cultivation brings about the reality of a forest. The apple seed is not a seed but a potential forest.

What i call potential is what you are capable of doing but you haven’t done yet, or who you are born to be but you have not become yet. Your potential is like a seed, it’s inside you.

Until it is released, nobody will know what you are capable of or who you are. Remember, out of nothing, everything was created (John 1:3) Paraphrased. Before anything was created, God was in existence. So out of nothing God created everything because everything was inside God.

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You might seem to be nothing today. But i want you to know that everything is inside you. They are waiting for your release. How do you release your everything? Let me use a mathematical illustration which is as follows;

If everything was in God and He made everything out of nothing; and you are nothing presently. Therefore, for the everything in you to be release is through the contact of divine presence which is God. He will release the everything in you and make your everything out of the nothing you are now. 

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