True love is neither physical nor romantic, it is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be. Therefore, when the love is not mutual, there must be a force behind it in which I call the force of partial commitment called cheating.

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Though this law could be applicable to both parties but i will like to say it’s easier for a lady to be totally committed with her partner than a man. It is said the population of female gender is more than that of the male.

A lady can easily stick with a man but the numerous availability of the female gender could make a man unstable with his choice. Also, women are created with emotions compare to the logical programming of a man. So, i will love to share some instances to observe about your man if he is totally faithful to you or not

Unstable Commitment

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When a guy tells you he is not ready for a relationship early on but keep acting been serious with you and making you more committed. Then you need to evaluate and define that relationship to avoid regret in the future. Guys either stand and let the girl sees him as the man or sit and let her see the true man that is ahead.


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When a guy feels on comfortable anytime you are with him especially when his phone is with you. Then he or she must be hiding something from you.

He Refuse to Introduce You to His Friends or Family

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When your self-acclaimed partner never attempt to let you meet with his loved ones, then it is either he is not proud to show you to the public or he has someone more dearly to him than you.

Tardy Communication

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When it takes forever to hear from him especially when you both are chatting and he took several hours to reply you then gave excuse when confronted such as; poor network, empty battery and so on. Then it requires suspicion because it might be you are not the only one they needed to reply and could only reply you when it comes to your turn. Note; this is applicable to both parties, not only guys are guilty of this.

Contacts Evaluation

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If your man has a lot of names saved on his phone , tablet or other devices without been stored as a real name but funny names or nicknames. You need to be very careful about his activities.

Hang Out

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If your partner suddenly stopped hanging out as frequently done or sometimes changes your agreement on going out. This could be as a result of the involvement of another lady getting more of his time. Please, before you also conclude on this change, try to really confirm if there is a change in his routine such a work, classes or training.

Always Right

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If he never admit he is wrong and tries to make you feel guilty when trying to resolve an issue bordering you. This could be as a form of insecurity or his conscience judging him of not treating you well such as cheating on you.

Evaluate Your Relationship

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There are evidences that could point out to your man cheating on you such as; when the time you spend together with him has drastically reduced. He no longer wants to see you like when it all started. But if you finally get to meet each other, check out the quality of your interaction if it’s more of argument than normal.

Also, the aspect of who calls first goes a long way; if you are the only one always calling. Then you need to notice this red flag of him cheating on you or not interested in you anymore. Please, don’t just assume, you should try to talk to him first to clear your doubt.

I hope this could help a bit, don’t forget to share and follow my blog for more interesting posts. Please feel free to comment or make suggestion as no man is as island. Thank you friends

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