Success and failure is not hereditary but a solid function of your discipline in life towards a positive purpose. Until something change within you there will be no change around you.

You don’t clean a building from the outside, you start from the inside. Discipline comes from within to without.

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There is no rise without a price. How Long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep; Proverb 6:9 KJV. Without a reaction there is no motion and without motion there cannot be a change of position.

It is your deliberate act that determines the outcome of your life. There are some things that will never change with time, and time itself changes nothing.

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Someone who fails an exam today will never get it passed with time if he or she doesn’t do what is needed to pass it; which is to re-sit for that same exam. If he or she says with time i will pass it, 30 years later the result will still be the same.

Time only count but you have to make your own count and the major avenue to make your time count is your discipline in your pursuit in life.

You are not a failure until you have someone else to blame. How? When you point an accusing finger at someone, you are pointing three fingers back to yourself and the fifth one is pointing upward which is to God as the witness. This means we are 75% responsible for the outcome of our life.

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