It is what you know that determine who knows you. Nothing empowers like knowledge. “To be informed is to be transformed and to be uninformed is to be deformed”. There is a difference between been informed and possessing the working knowledge of a thing.

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You can have the functional knowledge of a certain application but without the working knowledge you can not make the most of it. For example; a messaging application can only be operated if you have the working knowledge of how it works. So many of us just have the knowledge of most things but we lack the working knowledge of how it works for our profiting.

Being informed goes beyond just knowing something but possessing the working knowledge of that thing. An Aspiring fashion designer having the knowledge that a certain machine is responsible for sewing in her desired career will keep living in a world of illusion if she never tries to possess how that specific machine works.

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It is information that is applied that determines the success we will command in future. “Knowledge is information, Understanding is possessing the working knowledge, and Wisdom is the right application of the working knowledge”. We don’t go far by just possessing an information but by acquiring the right application of the knowledge in our possession.

There are two kinds of people we need to differentiate. The Literate and the Educated; A literate is a person who read or study to acquire a certificate, while an educated person is someone who read or study to know. We have a lot of literate personalities but few educated ones. That is why you get amazed when you see someone that claimed to have passed through some level of formal education sounding like an ignorant in some basic things of life.

Life is not about just acquiring certification but about the level of information you can command at your possession. That why Jesus said; my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge; Hosea 4:6. He did not say they are destroyed because of lack of certificate. “Never let your certificate satisfy you, let your insight set you”

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Your speed in life is determined by the quality of information at your disposal and the level of insight in which you are operating. You cannot go beyond the level of the knowledge at your disposal. The brighter you see the faster you go. “The news you acquire today determines the moves you will generate tomorrow and the moves you generate determines the waves you will cause”.

It is time to get informed adequately in that area we desired, so as to avoid us from mere wishing. It is the information you acquire that determines your thought and action. Go for the working knowledge, It is never too late to be right.

The day you stop learning is the day you are out of this world because a dead person is someone who doesn’t know what is happening around her. So lack of knowledge is synonymous to death. If something is happening around you and you don’t know, you are definitely dead in that area.

Therefore, it is time we sit up and find out what we need in our various endeavors in life and never stop learning in order to keep ourselves up to date. Abraham Lincoln said, “I don’t think much of any man who is not wiser today that he was yesterday”. Don’t be deceived learning has no end; it is for life as long as you want to stay on top of your world and keep living.

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