Hope is a foundation of faith and when hope is in place shame is displaced. In the physical state of life, it is impossible to reach out to what you have not seen but hope is a sure weapon to see the unseen and faith to reach out to it.

Faith is as a result of what you are hoping to get. So, without hope in place, faith has nothing to work on. Hope is a sustainer of faith. It is our unshakeable hopelessness that makes every hopeless situation reversed.

The Anchor of Life

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Hope is the anchor of life. The first step to success in life is the hope to succeed. Hope strengthens us to keep trying no matter how many times we fall. It is our energy for strength to always cancel the trails and counts the opportunities.

The more you count your failures, setbacks and trails, the more you get discouraged. The more you count the number of times you have been disappointed the more disappointed you become.

The Source of Hope

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The primary source of hope is the Word of God. It is the food for our Spirit. It is the spirit that communicates to the soul regarding any issue of life. But when our spirit is not well fed by the Word of God it cripples the functioning of our soul.

Just as the computer phrase which says “garbage in garbage out”, it is what you feed your spirit with that determines the kind of hope you exhibit.

You cannot feed your spirit with a negative report and hope to have a positive expectation. God’s Word helps you to look up from where you are to where you ought to be. Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears: Let the weak says I am strong Joel 3:10 KJV.

To be Wordless is to be hopeless. Hope operates in future tense, it presents to you what is yet to come but which is sure to come. The Word of God is likening to water and hope is likening to a plant. Your hope cannot be around the Word of God and be hopeless.

The Sign of Hope

The true sign of hope is Joy, enthusiasm and excitement. There is a great difference between Happiness and Joy. Happiness is determined by the happenings around you while joy is self-determined.

The sign of hopelessness is depression and faith will never work for the depressed because depression is an open door for the devil but joy is the gateway to God into your life.

Conclusion: God’s word is the fountain of Hope but it does not work by itself, it work when you begin to speak it. The more you speak the word the more hopeful you become.

If you don’t speak the word to yourself Satan will speak it for you. Failure is an event not a person and event is meant to pass not to stay. When you are too quiet, the devil will keep speaking to you and ultimately use you as your own agent of your destruction

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is Lord!!!



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