Until we experience the glory of God, then we are yet to be a candidate of light. Until a purpose is known, abuse is inevitable. I have been deliberate about my work with God but not fully satisfied because I still never have a definite purpose for my living.

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I needed to crave for what I could die for while in the center of God plan. So, I began to seek God clarification for my existence since the beginning of 2022. Then God directed me to a book, just one book, and the veil over my eyes was open. Now I can say like Christ that “this one thing I do”; feel free to contact me to know the book.

The good news is that it applies to you, and I will like to share these secrets to be at the center of God’s will.

The Limitedness of Humans

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This is the first, to begin with. I like you to know the human race is utterly bankrupt through the transaction between the first man called Adam and the serpent, that is, the devil. This action makes a man subject to the authority of the devil.

Man became dead, lost, undone, utterly deprived, hopeless which can only be restored by New Birth. The knowledge of human limitedness is most important because knowing the foundation of a thing is what guarantees its success.

The Salvation Provision

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The limitedness of humans can be restored by the redemptive provision of God through the death of Christ for us on the cross about two thousand years ago. No matter the problem, the solution has fully been paid for on the cross.

So, I don’t care what you are passing through the solution is available in advance for you. All you need is the salvation provision of Christ, and everything will begin to fall in place for you. If you are ready for this encounter, kindly make the declaration at the end of this post and send me a message for validation.

Be Specific

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Ambiguity does not accomplish much in the race of life. I am guilty of this act because I tend to be involved in everything. Until I realized that the Author and Finisher of my faith is a “One Thing Person”. So, I had to seek the help of the Holy Spirit.

Can a wife or husband be a successful wife or husband if she or he is interested in another man or woman respectively? I guess my answer is as good as yours. So be specific in your walk in anything you do.

Avoid Sin

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My acronym for Sin is Satan Identification Number. You cannot carry sin on you and expect to be used by God for his glory. Sin is a hindrance, and until it is destroyed, you cannot go far in life.

I don’t know what sin you are battling with, it’s high time you dropped it if you do not want it to drop you. The sin you failed to stop will be the one to stop you.

Make God Your All in All

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God will never share his glory with anybody. No potter can do anything with clay that continually resists the potter’s attempt to shape them. Until you are dependent at God’s disposal, He cannot make the most of you.

As long as we have any will of our own, God can do little with us. So many people have confused their ambition with God’s vision. It is God vision for you that will make the most of your life because no product can dictate it function to it manufacturer.

Life of Prayer

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This is the most important of any adventure in life. God says we should pray without season. Therefore, there is no break for praying. Age has no retirement. It is a mandatory exercise for all human races.

A life void of prayer is a life full of defeat. You cannot go far without prayer, and not just praying according to your own beliefs but praying according to Christ Will. Oswald J Smith says: “If you have never learned how to pray, wrestle with God, agonize, and travail of soul, then you know nothing about getting a spiritual result.”

Word Addict

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We need to turn to the word for our spiritual warfare. Until the word is taken away, the world is still at your mercy. The devil knows the power of you been saturated by the word. So, he finds all means to distract you from studying it.

That is why you can spend hours on entertainment, but when it comes to studying the word, you begin to feel tired or sleepy. The Bible is God sure word, and we ought to know it from cover to cover, and the only way to achieve this is by reading it.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit

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Nothing empowers like the Holy Spirit. It takes the Holy Spirit to pray and understand the word because the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Without the Holy Spirit, we will be limited in impact.

The good news is Jesus is the baptizer of the Holy Spirit and He is willing to baptize you freely at your request. Just say: “Jesus Christ the baptizer of the Holy Spirit baptize me now in Jesus name”. You can keep saying this believing until you receive the baptizing through the evidence of speaking in new tongues.

Be Expectant

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If you do not expect a result, you will not get them. The expectation in this contest means having faith to see results. You even require faith to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Nobody can have faith for you, it is likened to human breathing, you can only live by your faith. It takes faith to see anything fulfil in your life. You might not see the result immediately, just as you don’t harvest a seed the day it is planted, but your expectation will guarantee a harvest.

Acknowledge God

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In all your victory, always return the glory to God. Nothing destroys so quickly as pride. So many vibrant relationships have been destroyed on the altar of pride.

Humility doesn’t lower your status, it doesn’t change how God sees you. It is pride that changes how God sees you, thereby making room for your destruction because He does not see you as the person he created anymore.

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Taking the glory of your success is telling God He is irrelevant. Until your pride is destroyed, you can’t get a ride to see God’s Glory. Therefore, let God be the first, and every other acknowledgement may fall in place.

Conclusion: Nothing speaks volumes like outstanding light. Until we know and abide by these secrets, we cannot make the most of our life both for God and as an individual. A life lived for God is a life filled with a breakthrough as been declared that the blessing of the Lord makes rich and add no sorrow. Therefore, it’s high time we stayed in the center of God plan and purpose for us by walking in the listed secrets.

Confession of Faith
Lord Jesus, I have come to you as a sinner. I know you died for me on the cross and on the third day, you rose again. Please, forgive me for my sin, I will never go back to my sin anymore. I declare you as my personal Lord and Savior. From today, sin will have no more dominion over me. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


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