Beware!!! 3 Voices That Speak To A Man

life can be miserable when channeling our energy to the wrong course. Our fulfilment in life is a result of how well we are led. There is no neutral path in life.

It is either you are going the right way or going the wrong way. It is either you are with the right person or the wrong person. The wrong might seem right at the beginning but in the end, comes the regret.

Who we hear determines who hears us. To make the most of life’s journey is not by sight but by revelation. Revelation can come in two forms which are logos and rhema. Logos is the written word while rhema is the spoken word. Rhema can be mistaken because three voices can speak to a man.

They are the voice of the spirit man, the voice of the devil and the voice of God. These three voices can be interwoven with each other but here are how to differentiate them.

Voice of The Spirit Man

This voice is not absolutely reliable. It might be biased because it might have some element of carnality. This is where we must be vigilant. We might be able to detect the voice of the devil easily but our voice is not easily identified. Why?

There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

Proverbs 14: 12 NKJV

I have experienced this situation in so many ways directly and indirectly. A lady once came to me that God spoke to her that I am her future husband. I knew she heard herself because I have had a similar encounter with some ladies who claimed that God spoke to them that I am their future husband. I tried to believe some but after trying to know them, It became clear that they heard themselves.

God is never an author of confusion, so we need to be very sensitive to be able to differentiate between the true voice of God and the voice of our spirit man. To us, our voice always seems to be saying the correct thing but the way that seems right to you is the way of your voice.

Voice of the devil

The devil might appear as an angel of light but it takes comparing scriptures to scriptures to easily discern the devil’s voice. The devil once quoted the scripture to his creator Jesus, but Jesus put him on the run by proving the Scripture to him.

When a voice contradict the Scripture, it is solely the voice of the devil. The devil is the master deceiver on the planet Earth, he knows what our inner man is craving for and can easily make a prey out of us when speaking to us.

He will offer us a short cut that look very promising, but the end result is death. How did I know this? because;

The thief (devil) come not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:10 NKJV

The devil can make a dangerous decision seem harmless, but it takes being filled with the right Scripture to be able to discern the truth.

I say right Scripture because the devil can even use the Scripture against us. If he can do it for The Word; in the person of Jesus, then we are not exempted.

Voice of God

To live an error-free life is following the dictate of God. I want you to know that the voice of God is the most difficult to believe to be true because it might contradict our understanding.

God leading might sound too simple and even illogical but our obedient will prove the result. God is not a respecter of person, so he will never be biased in telling you the truth.

The reason most people can’t hear from God when seeking an enquiry is they come to God with already prepared answers concerning the issue. And God is too busy to waste His time on a person who will not take correction.

Most times God’s voice will contradict the voice of your inner man and the devil. Therefore, we need grace to be able to listen and obey what the voice of God is saying.

Conclusion: No matter how spiritual or anointed you are, there is no way we can escape these three voices. Only how prepared and our ability to differentiate the voices is the sure way to our success in life. The cheapest way to know the difference between these voices is our dedication to studying of the Word of God. The Word is the surest manual for our life journey and until we are committed to knowing what the Word have for us, we will continue to live a life of trial by error.

Jesus is Lord!!!


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