Your day goes the way the corners of your mouth turn. Your mouth is the turning point of whatever you will experience in life. The question How Are You? may seem very small but we must endeavor to answer this question at least a minimum of 10 times in a day and up to 50 times if we can.

Your response to this question tells a lot about you and your attitude. And your response can change your attitude. I will like to group the response to this question into three different categories.

Negative Response

Some people feel very comfortable responding negatively while some people don’t even know what they just responded is negative thereby resulting in a negative happening in their life.

Let me list some negative response to this question and you will be shocked of being part of the negative responder to this question. They are as follows:

I am terrible

I’m tired

I’m exhausted

Don’t Ask

I don’t know

Thank God is Friday, and the list continues.

These are the common response people use to qualify how they feel. For example, let me use this response of Thank God is Friday, you are simply saying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are bad days of the week for you but Friday is just bearable because you have two days ahead to rest.

I bet you are laughing at yourself because we are most guilty of using this phrase. I am also super guilty of this but not anymore, glory is to God. I want us to know that our words are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have a friend who will always complain that she gets confused about how I feel because she wants me to say how I feel not how I want to feel. When she asks; how are you? and I responded I am fine, she then asks how many percent. Lol, It’s always a tug of war before she could get used to my response. Saying how you feel instead of how you want to feel will only reinforce the belief of how you feel.

Mediocre Response

They are just a step up from a negative bunch. This response is mistaken as a positive response. And the zeal we use in responding is no less than how we respond in the negative category.

Let me highlight the major mediocre response in which we have mistaken as a positive response. These are as follows:

I’m Okay

Not Too bad

Could be worse

Same old same old

Hanging in there

I’m fine

Just there

Can’t complain, and the list continues

I bet you are surprised to see yourself as a mediocre responder. I was also guilty of this so you are not alone. What you pronounced is what will be programmed.

For example: Responding that you are okay will program an okay result such as an okay relationship, okay financial status, okay academic performance and so on. Those who use mediocre words will develop a mediocre attitude and get a mediocre result.

Average does not guarantee excellence, it only creates room for surviving and not an impact. And God has created us to make an impact not to live by surviving.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. Matthew 5:13 NIV

Positive Response

Our positive words guarantees a productive result. Been positive is been productive. Unfortunately, a minority of us falls under this category of response to how we are feeling.

Let me highlight this positive response we must cultivate when asked how are you. They are as follows:

I’m terrific

I’m great

Better than good




I’m on top of the world

You can even go beyond by saying; I am healthy, I am fruitful, I am wealthy, I am joyful, I am happy and the list can go on. Also always express this word with a facial expression by smiling.

A smile is an expensive way to improve your look. Everybody lights up a room; some when they walk into the room and some when they walk out. Be that person that lights up the room when you walk in.

You might want to say this doesn’t work that way but wait let me give an illustration and I want us to picture it together. Let say Yetty was asked how are you? And in the real sense, she is tired and she says what she feels by saying; I am tired. She begins to act tired and finally closed from work and dragged herself home.

She got home, fell on the bed and decided to check the result of the lottery she played and she got a result that she just won 10 million dollars. Remember she was tired. Am sure we all know the result of her reaction. Yetty will jump up to the sky and start leaping like a 16-year-old girl.

Our mentality is a catalyst to our physical world. Yetty was physically tired but her mentality transformed her body to become energized.

Conclusion: You don’t need talent, money, or a good look to have a great attitude, you just need to get in the right habit of using high energy, positive response to getting an exciting result. Your mind moves in the direction of what you say and attracts it to become reality. Tom Hopkins says Repeating anything often enough and it will start to become you. Your words reinforce your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality.
So, How are you?

Jesus is Lord!!!


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