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Worship is the act of talking to God directly. You bring down God presence to your habitation. When God is present in a place your spirit will feel the impact, it will connect with your soul and your body cannot deny the instant manifestation.

Image Source: Medium

Worship is an act not a wish. You cannot pretend worshiping God. It is a vibes from the heart. That is why the act of worship provokes God direct intervention in any matter. It is a moving sound of divine intervention.

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Having a thankful heart opens your eyes to perceive the work of God around you. When we see him working clearly, its increases your faith. Gratitude leads us to a cycle of continual growth, faith, joy, and more gratitude.  But if we aren’t grateful for the things the Lord does, we become complacent.

Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministry

In our complacency, we don’t see God working as clearly. Then, when challenges come, we aren’t accustomed to looking for the hand of god and praising Him for everything He does.

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