Worship is the act of talking to God directly. You bring down God presence to your habitation. When God is present in a place your spirit will feel the impact, it will connect with your soul and your body cannot deny the instant manifestation.

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Worship is an act not a wish. You cannot pretend worshiping God. It is a vibes from the heart. That is why the act of worship provokes God direct intervention in any matter. It is a moving sound of divine intervention.

When things stopped working or not working as desired, worship is a kick starter to anything in life. It is like a fuel to a car, it is require in our daily life to keep us moving. I call it fuel of life.

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Worship must be a way of life if you want things to begin to work and never cease to work. You can pray and miss, you can fast and miss but you can never worship with your heart and miss.

It will always hit the target to any situation of life because God is the main actor of the act. It is a courier that carries our desired package to our destination.

Worship is a riser of any spiritual weakness. It catalyzed your spirit into the realm of strength. Worship is a supernatural warship that brings down all the strong holds of the enemy through the direct manifestation of God act.

Conclusion: Until we develop the act of worship as a lifestyle we will continue to live a life of probability for a victorious living.

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus Is Lord!!!


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