Every expectation requires time to be fulfilled. Everything in life occurs in a process of time no matter how short it is.

That ye be not slothful but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Hebrew 6:12 KJV

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You don’t have need for patience; which means waiting and wasting, but you require the need of patience which implies a test of character or intention.

Patient is meant to prove the worth and the quality of your love for God more than the desire for things. A faithful man is the one who will judge God with or without material blessing.

What does it mean to be patient? To be patient means keeping your eyes on God and on His word, making your declarations and resisting the devil while awaiting the manifestation of God’s blessings.

The reason many cannot wait is because there is no assurance in their hearts that God would perform what He said He would do.

Now the big question is; why must we wait?

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Waiting does not mean been idle and doing nothing. Waiting is a process we must undergo before we can see our desire come to pass. I always say that when you rush to Washington, you will end up washing things. I will like to highlight three key reasons why we must wait.


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The foremost reason God allows you to go through the test of patience is so that you can graduate from focusing on things to focusing on Him. Our desire with God should be relationship based and not material based.

God does not have problem giving you things but He has problem managing you after He has given you the blessing you desire. That is why you see a man who is very faithful to his wife when they are still looking up to God for His blessing deviated the moment God blesses him, he start womanizing and now sees that his wife is too low for his standard. Or a lady who is wonderfully created by God now feels she needed a surgery to enlarge her breast or buttocks after she has been blessed then ended up in destruction.  


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God is ready only when you are ready. Our patience does not get God ready to bless us; rather it gets us ready for His blessing. Our desire has already been provided for but the timing for us to possess it is not matured yet.

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A one year old child crying to handle a knife will not be given no matter how long or loud he cries but when that child is twelve years can now be given the knife to do some cutting for you. Same child, same knife but different timing. 

I see pressure on we youth over the institution of marriage when they should focus on maturing themselves for the institution of marriage by gathering relevant knowledge, understand and wisdom. The rate of divorce cases in court in this generation is quite alarming just because of individuals tying the knot of marriage without been matured for such institution.

Maturity is not determined by age. The age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the wisdom of Solomon. The essence of patience is maturity, God is not withholding your blessing, He is only giving you time to mature for it.


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Often time the quality of what we want determines how long we wait to get it

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. James 1:4 KJV

God does not come late; He will not wait one minute later or earlier than necessary. He is our present help in time of need. You can’t plant a seed today and harvest it that same day. It has to be perfected through a process before it can be harvested and useful for it use. I call perfection preferred action. So, until you are perfected you can’t take a preferred proper action when the needs arise.

Conclusion: Patience is a virtue not a weakness. The fact that you are patient does not mean you are timid or coward. Patience is the greatest weapon in the field of faith. It helps you to stop telling God about your problem and start telling your problem about God. It shows how unstaggered you are on the promise of God. It tells the level of your faith in God to that challenge you are facing. But note that patience is not just waiting but waiting and working while you await the manifestation of God in your situation. 

Word Impacts!!!

Jesus is Lord!!!


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